C U S T O M E R   C A R E


How can I pay for my flight bookings?
The following are some payment options:
Local Customers
Pay via cash or personal cheque at our ticketing office. If you are paying by cheque, we may only release the ticket to you in 2-3 working days after the bank has cleared your payment.
Pay via credit card (Visa, American Express, and MasterCard). Please note that there is an administrative fee for all credit card transactions.
Cash on delivery. Our courier will collect cash and he will hand you the necessary tickets and documents.


Pay via wire transfer/telegraphic transfer. If you are living overseas, you may need the following banking details to apply from your local bank to transfer the money into our bank before we can complete your purchase:

Bank Name: Banco de Oro (BDO)
Branch: Pamplona  Branch
Account Name: Life International Travel & Tours, Inc.,
Account No: Dollar- 620XXXXXXX
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Bank Name: Banco De Oro
Branch: Pamplona
Account Name: Life International Travel & Tours, Inc.,
Account No: PESO- 620XXXXXXX

Bank Name : Bank of the Philippine Islands
Branch         : Zapote
Account Name  : Life International Travel & Tours Inc
Accnt Number PESO : 023XXXXXXX
Accnt Number DOLLAR : 023XXXXXXX

Please note that there is an administrative fee for all credit card transactions and the total price including delivery and courier charges, if any, will be advised.

Can I pay via credit card online?
Not at present. We are in the process of selecting a payment gateway vendor and will be incorporating this payment option soon.

When will my credit card be billed?
Your credit card is billed at the time we ticket your reservation. You will need to send us a faxed credit card authorization form together with a photocopy of the front and reverse of your credit card.
Please click here to download the credit card authorization form.

What happens if I do not come and pay for my booking?
Your booking will be cancelled. If you wish to rebook, we cannot guarantee the price and availability.


How will I receive my ticket?
You may be offered up to three different options.
You can pick up your ticket at our office.
E-ticket via email or online retrieval and print.
We can deliver your ticket to your local residence or office address.
For overseas customers, kindly arrange with our Customer Care for delivery.

Can I have my tickets delivered to an overseas address?
Yes, we can courier the tickets via FedEx. Please note that there will be a courier fee incurred. For e-ticket, you just have to print from your own computer.

I just received my ticket and there is a problem with it. What should I do?
Please contact Customer Care.


How do I Book a Discounted Fare?

  1. Log on to www.lifetravelphil.com
  2. Select your travel preference.
    1. Destination city
    2. Airline
    3. Cabin class
    4. Departure date
    5. Return date
    6. Number of travelers
  3. Select fare and choose an outbound flight*.
  4. Select a flight option (outbound and inbound combination).
  5. Review your price and trip summary.
  6. Enter traveler's name as in passport and complete reservations.
  7. Check your e-mail for trip confirmation.

* You will be provided with only flights options with seats availability. Otherwise, other booking alternatives will be suggested. If you are still unable to find a suitable itinerary, please email info@lifetravelphil.com

Is the flight information and seat availability real-time?
Yes, all flights and seats availability information are linked real-time to the airline system via a Global Distribution System (GDS).

How does www.lifetravelphil.com recommend an itinerary?
Our booking system first searches and recommends only promotional/negotiated fares that matches your travel requirements without any preference for any carriers. All the fares are sorted by lowest price first for your easy selection. Once you decide on the fare on your preferred carrier, we will then recommend flights with the least number of stopover(s) and/or shortest travel time and where seats are available.

How do I know if my flight reservation is confirmed?
Upon confirming your flight reservation by hitting the Complete Reservation, a 6-digit confirmation code will be provided together with your itinerary and pricing. If you did not receive a confirmation screen, then it is likely that your reservation was not completed. A confirmation note will also be sent to your email address listed in your profile immediately after you complete your reservation.
If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, kindly contact Customer Care.

Some flights are not displayed for booking. Why is that so?
Only flights which match your travel preferences are enabled for booking. Some flights may not have seats in the booking class you have selected or they could have been completely sold out or there may be flight restrictions for the fares. Flight availability changes dynamically as and when seats are purchased or cancelled by travelers.

The Itinerary Not Available page appears. Why is this so?
There may be several reasons why you are unable to find flights for your itinerary:
You have chosen travel dates when nothing is available or nothing is scheduled. Seat on the specific carrier you requested is not available. Seat on the booking class you selected is not available. When this happens, please adjust your travel requirements or contact Customer Care.

Can I make a reservation without registering?
No. If you have not booked with us before, please register with us. Otherwise, log into your existing account.

How do I make changes to my itinerary?
You cannot make any amendments online. Please contact Customer Care and changes are subject to fare rules set by the airlines.

Can I cancel my booking online?
You cannot cancel flight reservations online, please call Customer Care.

How do I make a multi-city trip?
You will have to contact Customer Care.

Are the departure time and arrival time local times for each city?
Yes, all scheduled departure and arrival times shown are local times for each city.

What does it mean when a flight number has one airline's name but the flight is operated by another airline?
It means that this is a code share flight whereby one airline markets the flight, while the other operates the plane based on their internal agreement.

How do I make a stopover and/or open-jaw trip?
You will have to contact Customer Care.

What does "non-refundable, non-re-routable and non-transferable" mean?
These are restrictions set by the airlines and mean that the ticket has no refund value, cannot be changed, reissued, or transferred to another traveler. The same restrictions apply for partially unused tickets. Most of the fares offered on our website have these strict restrictions. We encourage you to read all fare rules and restrictions carefully before purchasing your ticket or call Customer Care for assistance. Please also read the terms and conditions set forth on this website.

What is an e-ticket?
E-ticket or electronic ticketing is also known as 'ticket less travel.' Not all airlines have e-ticket functionalities. When you check-in for your flight, just produce the e-ticket together with your passport and other travel documents and the airline officer will be able to retrieve your ticket record via the airlines' computer system.

How can I print my e-ticket?
Upon payment, you will receive an attachment of your e-ticket which you can print. You may also retrieve and print your ticket from our website (see section on How do I check my flight status?)

How do I check my flight status?
Follow the Flight Status link to check your flight status and/or print out your e-ticket by entering the following particulars:
6-digit reference number provided upon your flight reservations.
Passenger's family name or surname.
Email Address provided by your travel consultant.

How do I make a group booking?
Please contact customer care as there may be group fares applicable depending on the size of your group.

How do I make a booking for an infant?
Due to special servicing needs to cater to the comfort for yourself and your infant (age below 2 years old), we have yet to offer infant fares online. Please contact Customer Care and quote your booking reference number if you have already a prior booking with us.

When will my flight reservation be auto-cancelled?
All flight reservations made online are subject to a 2 work-day ticket issuing dateline or earlier depending on the ticketing dateline set forth by the airlines. If we do not hear from you or are unable to contact you, you may have to re-book again. Please contact Customer Care if you wish to cancel your trip.

Can I make a booking on behalf of someone else?
Yes, as long as you register with us. We will still be contacting you for to verify all the travelers' particulars and payment arrangements.

Can I reserve seats and/or make a special meal request on all flights?
No, not all airlines offer advance seat selection or special meal selection. However, you may want to indicate your seat and meal preference in the Remarks Field during the online booking and we will send in your request to the respective airlines. Please note that that all special requests are subject to airline availability and confirmation.