Kawayanan  Resort

Abaa Rd., San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City,Palawan, Philippines

There is nothing better than being on top of a hill surrounded by natures beauty and looking over everything and everyone else. This is exactly what Kawayanan Resort offers and more when in Puerto Princesa City. With its spectacular amenities, Kawayanan Resort promises to make one feel right at home amidst the splendor of the island of Palawan.

Kawayanan Resort offers several services and this is what makes it distinct from any other hospitality place in Palawan. The resort itself has an expansive infinity pool and cottages that offer comfort after a full days adventure. Kawayanan Resort can take one on an adventure in the island of Palawan since they offer tour packages such as the city tour, a trip to the renowned Underground River and will share moments with you island hopping. They also have tours that visit the Iwahig Penal Colony, the Crocodile Farm and Honda Bay, one of the islands of Palawan with beautiful white sand beaches.

Kawayanan Resort also has a restaurant that specializes in Filipino food and grilled all-time favorites. The guests can choose to either dine in the restaurant itself or have a picnic in one of their huts.


Amenities: Fully air-conditioned rooms, cable flat screen TV, hot shower, mini refrigerator, with Wi-Fi connection, private veranda, dining area standby power generator, large swimming pool, available picnic huts and umbrella, free use of billiard and free use of videoke.

Single Room (Has single or twin beds)
Good for 2, maximum of 3 guests.

Family Room (Has 2 bedrooms, large living room and veranda)
Good for 4, maximum of 6 guests

Facilities and Services
Swimming Pools
Refresh, enjoy and relax to the well-maintained swimming pool, with waterfall and waterslides. Provides a learn-to-swim program taught by experienced and certified instructors.
Dining and Restaurant
Indulge in Filipino cuisine and grilled foods. Dine in the picnic umbrella and picnic huts.